Ready to take the uncertainty out of your future?

I help owners and entrepreneurs elevate their financial strategies so they can create wealth with ease, make the timing of their exit irrelevant, and live their best life after business. 

No one knows your business better than you.

But when it comes to your financial future?
Your current outlook doesn’t reflect your level of success.

You wish someone could step in and...

1. Take the time to understand what’s important to you and how you imagine your future
2. Show you how to balance your current needs with your future plans
3. Help you understand how to utilize the opportunities your business provides to make it all possible

That’s exactly why I founded Equip Financial Partners. I see too many business owners stressing over the uncertainty of their future. They aren’t planning for their exit because it’s scary to think about. When asked about the future, the response is always the same, “I can’t imagine a life without my business.” So, they avoid it.

Still, your exit will come. Wouldn’t you like to be prepared? Wouldn’t you sleep better knowing you’ve got a plan in place to grow your business, grow your wealth, protect your family, and live comfortably…even if the unforeseen happens?


Equip brings clarity and peace to your finances

When it comes to your financial future, you shouldn’t have to feel stressed or worried. You deserve the peace and comfort that comes from knowing your future is secure. Because it all comes down to this:

Having a plan that aligns your business, personal, and financial goals leads to more wealth, less stress, and a happier life.

Get to know Chris.

I’m not just an analytical numbers guy that likes figuring out ways to save money, build wealth, and pay less taxes. I’m on a mission to change the retirement landscape for business owners and entrepreneurs. 

It truly struck a nerve when I learned how many of these hard-working individuals get to their exit day, counting on selling their business, only to be left empty-handed. With only 20%± of businesses selling and over 65% of owners counting on the proceeds of a sale to fund retirement, there’s a real problem.

My goal is to improve the lives of as many owners as I can by helping them align their business, personal, and financial goals into a clear strategy that leads to a successful exit.

When I’m not building strategies, I love to be on the water. There’s no better place to clear my mind than standing in a river with my fly rod in hand, listening to the sound of the rushing water.

I’m blessed to have a beautiful wife and two wonderful daughters. I’m a little outnumbered, but that’s okay! We love to travel, spend time outdoors, and watch Alabama football. 

I look forward to getting to know you. 

I'm ready to help you change your outcome. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

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