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Take the Uncertainty Out of Your Exit Strategy and Build Wealth Now

Get a step-by-step exit strategy that puts you in the best position to exit when you're ready, with the wealth you need.

Your exit strategy should not be a mystery.

If you don’t have an exit strategy that accounts for your personal and financial planning goals, it’s going to cost you…
  • You’ll pay too much in taxes

  • You’ll leave cash on the table

  • You won’t be prepared for Murphy’s Law

  • You’ll underestimate your financial needs & your business’s value

  • You’ll be ready to exit but your business won’t be

  • You’ll wish you never left and regret your decision

Take the mystery out of it. A solid Exit Strategy helps you feel confident about your future–not just about your ability to sell, but your wealth and the legacy you leave behind.
Imagine the peace of mind you'll feel when your Business, Personal, and Financial Goals are all aligned


Instead of wondering how to build a business that's valuable...

You'll have an exit strategy that focuses on building transferable value and preparing you to exit on your terms.


Instead of trying to find time in your busy life to do what you love...

You'll rediscover your passions, spend more time with those who matter most, and have a sense of purpose that lasts beyond your exit.


Instead of hoping you'll have financial freedom one day...

You'll have a custom financial plan to grow your wealth, fund your lifestyle, and leave a legacy that impacts others for generations to come.

Do you know why nearly 80% of businesses don't sell?

According to the State of Owner Readiness Survey conducted by the Exit Planning Institute, over 60% of owners agreed or strongly agreed that having an exit strategy is “important to their future and the future of their business.” Yet most of them don’t have one.


Have No Written Exit Strategy


Have No Exit Strategy At All


Have No Plan for Their Life After Business

Here's the challenge of financial planning:

When you’re the owner, you’re often consumed with keeping your business running–which makes it literally impossible to plan for anything outside the business.

It's the old adage, "you can't see the forest for the trees."

You try. There’s just too many urgent needs to see anything else.

That’s why our partnership with you is so effective. We give you an outside perspective combined with years of experience so you can see things clearly. 

I get it. Building an exit strategy now seems like a waste of time.

You started your business with a vision. You enjoy solving problems and making life better for your customers. Me too!

As a business owner myself, I know thinking about your exit strategy isn’t usually a priority. It’s easy to say, “I’ll do that when I’m ready to exit.” Besides, you may be years away from even considering an exit.

Unfortunately, that’s why most owners have less than ideal exits. They eventually get to the point when THEY ARE READY, but the BUSINESS IS NOT SALEABLE. Instead of putting it off, let’s take the first step and have a quick chat.

Chris Alman, Founder

"I believe exiting your business with the wealth you need should be the norm--NOT the exception."

Chris Alman, CFP©, CEPA

Let's talk about if it's right for you.

The days of leaving your future up to chance are over.

Achieving the Goals You Never Thought Possible is as Easy as 1, 2, 3...

Hop on a Call

Let's chat about your goals and what keeps you up at night.

Align Your Goals

We'll design an exit strategy with an action plan and provide ongoing support.

Secure Your Future

Watch the value of your business and personal wealth grow.

Let's consider...

You’re crushing it in business and life, but you know there’s a gap or two you haven’t addressed. That’s okay! Our financial planning process is designed to change that. 

Working with Equip will clarify your vision, close the gaps, and blow the lid off what you thought was possible for you and your finances. 

In our partnership, you'll receive-

Not sure you need a financial partner to help you plan?

Let's start with a complimentary call to feel things out.

Other owners have asked...

Perfect! This is actually the best possible time to plan for your exit. If you wait until you’re “ready,” you’ll be under pressure. And, what happens if your circumstances force you into exiting your business? Wouldn’t you rather have an exit strategy that makes the timing irrelevant?

That’s normal. If you really love what you do, why would you want to quit? Unfortunately, the truth is that nearly half of owners are forced to exit due to a disability, disagreement, divorce, distress, or death. Having an exit strategy in place keeps you in the best possible position should the unforeseen happen.

Too many people view financial planning as a document or a plan you put in place and don’t deviate from. That’s far from our view of planning. We see planning as an ongoing process of evaluating your options and optimizing your outcomes. When you view your decisions through the lens of your plan, you stay on track. 

Exit planning and financial planning go hand-in-hand. Your financial plan maps out your personal and financial goals and helps you know how much wealth you need to live your best life after exiting your business. For most owners, your life after business depends on a successful exit which is why having an exit strategy is so important.

It’s no wonder you’d ask this question. Most advisors and wealth managers charge based solely on investments. With this arrangement, you might wonder if their goal is for you to sell your business so they have something to manage. At Equip, we believe our value extends far beyond investment management. That’s why Investment Management is an add-on service and we don’t have a minimum portfolio size.

Being a fiduciary means that one is required by law to act in your best interests. We always act as a fiduciary. It’s part of our “Fee-Only” philosophy. Unfortunately, the financial industry allows some advisors to be fiduciaries only part of the time. You’ll typically hear it called “Fee-Based.” We believe this adds conflicts of interest.

We can’t help you sell your business because that would create a conflict of interest for us. Instead, we’ll connect you with trusted professionals and stay with you as you implement your exit strategy. Then, we’ll continue our relationship to help you manage your finances throughout your next phase of life. 

We have several service models for serving clients: Ongoing Planning, Ongoing Planning + Investment Management, and Fixed/Project-Based. Our Ongoing services begin at $1,250 per quarter and increase based on the complexity of your financial situation. Investment Management is an add-on service and fees are based on a percentage of Assets Under Management.  Project-Based services are billed based on complexity with a minimum of $500 per project. Learn More

Absolutely! We recognize that most business owners have a hard time getting away from their business which is why we are designed to comfortably meet with clients 100% virtually. In fact, most of our clients prefer this method because of the time saved by not having to travel to or from an office. 

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